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The Mobile App ARUN(Atal Rooftop solar User Navigator) is developed for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for the promotion of solar rooftop systems and assistance of installations of solar rooftop systems.
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Guarenteed and Overall Standrads of Performance for the FY 2010-11
The licensed area of operation of the Company is 28,000 sq. km and covers Five revenue districts of North Eastern Orissa namely, Balasore, Bhadrak, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Jajpur. The Company is operating through 4 circles, 14 divisions, 41 subdivisions and 141 sections with Corporate Office based at Balasore and Registered office at Bhubaneswar. The company has achieved 100% consumer growth since it has been privatized and increased its turn over from Rs.310 Crores in 1999-00 to Rs. 750 Crores in the financial year 2006-07. Total 523510 consumers availing Un interpreted power through supply network consisting of 59 nos. of 33 Kv Feeders (2050 KM Length), 424 nos. of 11 Kv Feeders ( 13762 Km Length), 12 nos. of GRID S/S (132/33 Kv), 124 nos. of 33/11 Kv S/S, 245 Step down Transformers, 15303 nos. of Distribution Transformers and 16436 K.M of LT Line. Through sustainable effort and teamwork it has able to bring down its T&D loss level from 43% in the yr 1999-00 to 33% in the yr 2006-07 and expecting further reduction of 4 -5% during current financial year. In spite of all financial huddles, it is developing an efficient and reliable electricity network to meet the requirement of its diverse group of consumers. To provide single window service, it has set up Customer care centre at Balasore and is in the process of extending such services to other areas shortly. For attending the consumer grievances two grievance redressal forums are functioning one at Balasore for 337893. nos. of consumers of Balasore, Bhadrak & Mayurbhanj districts and another at Jajpur Road for the remaining 185616 nos. of consumers of Jajpur & Keonjhar districts. Besides in all the Sub-division, Division as well as Circle offices one day has been allotted especially for redressing the consumer grievances. NESCO has already taken initiative to bring IT implementation to existing system. Process is going on to implement Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Automatic meter reading (AMR) modem has been provided in 50numbers of its industrial consumers for pilot study and is likely to be extended to other consumers very shortly. To bring down the loss level it is conducting Energy Accounting by metering in feeders, transformers and at the consumer end. Presently 3,39,088 nos. of consumers are covered under spot billing. It is also going to manage some of the areas of its rural distribution of electricity through peoples participation (Franchisee) with an aim to cater the best services to its consumers at their door step with affordable price.