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Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for the period ended 31st march 2017 (OERC Format)
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Open access application of NESCO Utility for the FY 2018-19
ARR application of NESCO Utility for the FY 2018-19
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The Mobile App ARUN(Atal Rooftop solar User Navigator) is developed for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for the promotion of solar rooftop systems and assistance of installations of solar rooftop systems.
Notice Inviting Tender for Distribution Franchise(DF) under Nesco,Wesco & Southco.
DISCOMs Tariff Order for FY 2017-18 (FINAL) 28.03.2017
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Tariff notification and the Final RST Order for FY 2013-14.
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The Public notice along with the ARR and Tariff Applications for FY 2013-14
Performance of Electricity Distribution Companies In Odisha During 2011-12 Based On The Data Furnished Through Affidavit
Appellate Jurisdiction Appeal No. OF 2012
In the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity at New Delhi Appellate Jurisdiction Appeal No.Of 2012
In the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity at New Delhi Appellate Jurisdiction
Case no 48 of 2012 Take or pay For Nesc
Open Access Charges Applicable w.e.f. 13.07.12
Filling of Application of Open Access Charges for FY 2012-13 case no. 25_2012
Retail supply tariff for FY 2012-13 W.e.f. 1.4.12
Nesco ARR 2012-13
Guarenteed and Overall Standrads of Performance for the FY 2010-11
Customer Service Center
About CSC

CSC is only working for Balasore Electrical Division (B.E.D) only. The Nodal Officer is the chief Superintending Officer & besides him another In-Charge is being posted over here who corresponds with different offices & officers of Division & Section offices along with Corporate Personnel.

The total strength of CSC executives including the In-Charge is nine with an office boy separately who works for both the shifts. The twelve hours of office duration a day has been divided into two shifts of 6 hrs each starting from morning 8AM to 2 PM & 2 PM to 8 PM.The Collection Counter is only open from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Each of the shifts comprises of one collection executive and three customer service executives with an office boy for both of the shifts


Complaint Lodging Procedures (1) CSC complaints

Customer Service Complaint (CSC) :-

Consumers are to lodge this type of complaint physically by showing the documents needed for the purpose. Consumers are there fore requested to come with the duplicate copies of the documents along with the originals. The CSC executives after feeling the complaint properly register the complaint in the software and deliver the Acknowledgement with a specific complaint No, so that the consumer can get information about the complaint status at his will. Accordingly the complaints are resolved within the certain service level depending upon the complaint type. Furthermore CSC executives do intimate the complaint status at different level of time for their kind information. More of all in some cases if the CSC executive feels that the consumer is confused without having really having any such complaint then he/she tries to clear up the confusion at his/her level without registering it.

After dispatching the complaint to the concerned officer and officer, the CSC executives goes on following up the complaint time to time with escalation report in order to get the complaint resolved within the speculated time frame. After getting the rectification report & details CSC executive confirms it from the consumer over Phone and if the consumer is satisfied or not. Once it is confirmed then only the complaint will be closed in the software.

Customer service complaint involves
Meter-running fast Bill correction request Title Transfer
Meter-running slow/Sluggish Arrear Dispute Category Change
Meter struck up Additional charges Dispute Address correction
Shifting of meter Surcharge Dispute Shifting of service
Meter Burnt-supply there Late Bill Receipt Requirement Of Additional Poles
Other meter defects Meter Reading not taken Line shift
Meter seal cut Door locked cases Name Correction
Terminal cover not sealed Reporting of Theft/ Malpractice Additional Load Complaint
Glass broken Other Billing related Phase Conversion
Checking of meter Bill not served Others/General Complaints
  Phase Correction  
  Category Correction  
  Non-posting of Bill  
  Wrong posting of Bill  
  Wrong billing request.  
  Re-billing request.  
  Meter reading correction request.  
  Wrong meter reading.  
Electricity Call Centre (ECC)

Consumers can lodge this type of complaint personally coming to the office or even over Phone. They need to provide the correct Consumer No and exact Address with a Landmark so that Line Man can reach at the consumer’s place easily & immediately within few minutes after lodging the complaint.

As the complaint is received the CSC executive registers it in the software and provides the consumer a Complaint No for further communication, if the complaint couldn’t be rectified within the service level because of some unavoidable reasons. The executives use to follow the complaint up time to time until the work is done After getting the rectification details, CSC executive confirms it from the consumer over Phone and if the consumer is satisfied or not. Once it is confirmed then only the complaint will be closed in the software.

Electricity Call Center
Supplied Failed- Total Area Meter Burnt.
Supplied Failed- Individual  
Supplied Failed-1 Phase out  
Low Voltage in the evening  
Voltage Fluctuation  
Transformer-Cable/Lugs Burnt  
Transformer-sparking at Pole  
Transformer Oil Leaking  
Line-Snapped/Line Bunched/Twisted  
Pole-shock/Pole-Leaning/Pole-Fell down  
SC-Wire broken/SC-Wire loose connection  
Voltage High  
Meter burnt-supply not there  
Reconnection after payment  
Cash collection Counter & Other Activities of the Centre
Cash Collection Center :-

The Cash Collection Counter is open from 8 AM to 5 PM seven days a week for 365 days with some well-mannered collection executives. The counter is entitled to receive payment for the whole Balasore Electrical Division. No down payment or installment is accepted here but with the consent of SDO/Accountant. Collection in the form of DD/BD/Cheque is being accepted here.

Other Activities of the Centre :-

Consumer Awareness.
Instigating to clear up the Arrears if any.
Instigating to pay bill within due date and to enjoy the rebate amount.
DC Sheet Entry.
Reviewing of pending complaints if any.
New connection
New connection form is available here.
Responding the queries regarding new connection.
Keeping fine points of non-payment list and managing the disconnection report.
Delivering important reports regarding bill collection, non-payment lists, disconnection report and etc.